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November 26, 2018

Deb Tomaro - REAL Real Estate Today - At Home in Bloomington - Bloomington Humanities Center

Do you still have that recurring dream where it’s time for a college final exam and you’ve never been to class? (I know I’m not the only one!) Here’s the antidote! Learning with no pressure. While Bloomington is best known for Indiana University, the Bloomington Humanities Center offers another way for residents to educate themselves! By providing affordable, high quality adult education courses and reading groups to anyone in the community, the Bloomington Humanities Center offers courses on topics such as history, religion, art, film, literature and philosophy. Best of all, students don’t need to meet any educational requirements or pass any tests to enjoy these courses! There are no prerequisites, no attendance taken and no one is denied enrollment. It’s all about learning for the love of it at the Bloomington Humanities Center!

In our Facebook Follow segment we encourage listeners to indulge in some self care at our favorite Bloomington day spa, Tranquil Vibe Day Spa. Check out their new location! And in our REAL-List segment, home inspections aren’t required and there’s no pass or fail. So what role does a home inspection play in the home buying/selling process? Listen and find out.

Guest Bio:

Mark Acres is a native of southern Indiana who grew up and graduated from high school in the small town of Paoli in Orange County. From there, he dived into culture shock by attending college at Cornell University, where he graduated with majors in philosophy, anthropology, history, and comparative literature. Mark did graduate work at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University.

In his career, Mark has been a college instructor for both Northwood Institute and Oakland City College. He is an award winning journalist (Best News Story, 1972, from the Indiana State Press Association), and an award winning designer of both board games and pencil and paper roll playing games, the author of more than 80 game products and 14 novels and a pick-a-path adventures, a published Civil War historian, and a 20-year veteran of professional medical recruiting. Along the way he also worked as a radio disc jockey and a lay pastor for a Quaker meeting.

Mark is now retired and lives with his spouse of 41 years, Jamie, here in Bloomington. The couple have four grown children, 13 grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren.

Mark founded Bloomington Humanities Center, an adult education program, in 2015, after first teaching adult education classes for People’s University – a program sponsored by Bloomington Parks and Rec – and for Ivy Tech.

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