Buying a home isn’t as simple as what other people may think it would be. Deb gives first time home buyer advice to help people who are planning to buy a home.

The chicken or the egg principle….. (Where do I start?)

Bloomington first time home buyer - Deb Tomaro

Which came first, the Realtor or the house? Unlike the chicken and the egg, there is a definitive answer. The Realtor.

Now, I’m not just saying that because it’s how I make my living. Realtor jokes are probably only second to lawyer jokes. I know the reputation we have. But I promise you that getting a Realtor first will make the process smoother and more logical.

Vegas Anyone?

Vegas anyone?

Calling the Realtor’s name on the sign of the house you love is a crapshoot. You may end up with a great Realtor; you may not. But I promise you that you will feel like you jumped into the process halfway through, you may have feelings of unease throughout the process, you will feel rushed. It just won’t feel right. It won’t feel REAL. My mission is to support you however I need to so that you feel good about every decision you make along the way. And the best part is that in most markets, there is NO COST to work with a Realtor on the buying side. Now that’s a REAL deal!

Pick me, Pick me! (Choosing a Realtor)

Ask friends and family for Realtor referrals, but make your own final decision because it’s yours to bear. Picking a Realtor because she is your mom’s friend or he is your dad’s neighbor and you feel obligated, in my opinion, is not reason enough.

Pick a Realtor because he or she is the best fit out there for you. Pick a Realtor because you’ve spent time with that person, you believe that person listens to you, respects your needs and has your best interests in mind. Not because your cousin has a real estate license and has sold 3 houses in the past 5 years. This is REAL responsibility, REAL money, REAL decisions.

You ARE an island (Making your own Decisions)

In the end, this is your home, your investment, your responsibility, your results and your consequences. The mortgage and the deed have your name on it. If something breaks, you have to fix it. When the payment is due, you have to pay it. When you lie in bed at night, it’s your shelter, your nest, and it’s your peace of mind that it needs to bring. It’s yours. So listen to advice from those you trust, but the only REAL decisions are the ones you make yourself and completely embrace.

An Invitation…

I invite you to contact me via email, phone or text. I promise I am not a pushy salesperson. I will NOT call you over and over again, pressuring you to buy a house. Let’s just talk for a bit about you and your family’s needs and goals. Let me help you define some REAL direction on how to achieve those goals. And then we can just see where the REAL road takes us. Even if you are not in the Bloomington, Indiana area (and for that, I am sorry because it is a pretty awesome place to live!), I can help. I have a large network of Realtors I can set you up with all over the country who will share the same philosophy I do of providing REAL advice, REAL guidance, REAL information to allow you to make confident decisions.

Additional Advice