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Bloomington Real Estate Agent - Deb TomaroDeb Tomaro is a Bloomington Real Estate broker, living in Bloomington, Indiana and serving Monroe County and surrounding counties. This is her story.

Though I have been a Realtor since 2007, it took a pandemic to get me to open my own brokerage. 2020 was a year, for many of us, with a lot of introspection about what is important. As I did my thinking, I kept coming back to a quote from Bishop Desmond Tutu that has inspired me over the years.

Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.

Bishop Desmond Tutu

I want to do more little bits of good where I can, and where I am. Coupled with the movement in 2020 to be hyper focused on local businesses to help them sustain through the pandemic, the idea of opening my own shop became a no-brainer. Listing exposure and marketing strategies have always been agent specific, not tied to brokerages. So I figured why not give the same great, smart service I have always provided, but also be able to make more of an impact on the community? See? No brainer.

As part of stepping away from a large, national brokerage, I reaffirmed my commitment to doing my little bit of good on a local level. Instead of paying the brokerage fees that go along with large brokerages, I am committing to keeping more funds in our community. One of the ways I will be doing that is by establishing a scholarship program.

I’ve even become a member of the National Scholarship Providers Association to make sure my goal and commitment is legit. More details to come on the Scholarship program but basically a portion of each commission from each sale will go into a Scholarship fund, aimed at helping local people attend college. And by local, I mean any of the counties where I typically work – Monroe, Greene, Owen, Lawrence, Brown, Morgan. I’m planning on 2021 scholarship funds to be focused on helping students whose income  (or family’s income) has been directly impacted by COVID.

I’m excited, but I also need your help. Without backing from a big brokerage, I need help spreading the word and keeping my business as strong or stronger than it’s ever been so I can keep building the fund to provide scholarships. If there’s anything I’ve really taken to heart in 2020, it’s that even the smallest bit of good makes a difference. And we can overwhelm the world.

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