At Home in Bloomington with Realtor Deb Tomaro

September 25, 2019

Deb Tomaro - REAL Real Estate Today - At Home in Bloomington - Episode 40 - IndiGo Birding Nature Tours

What’s your first thought when someone says birdwatching? (If you are like Deb, who has a phobia about birds due to a parakeet attack in college, take a deep breath and keep reading.) We invite you to check your preconceived notions at the door and come to this episode with an open mind to learn how bird watching can be exciting and fun. Really! It’s like a scavenger hunt in nature, looking for treasures (who doesn’t like treasures? or scavenger hunts?). And for Deb, learn how those birds probably won’t attack you like that darn parakeet did so many years ago. IndiGo Birding & Nature tours is a service in Bloomington that offers private and public tours for anyone interested in learning more about the natural wonders of Bloomington. Join us as we talk with IndiGo Birding & Nature Tours owner and guide extraordinaire, David Rupp. We learn why birds are such an important part of our ecosystem, how even a novice (or someone with canoe aversion, ahem, Karan) can enjoy a kayak trip and what to expect when you sign up for a tour. Both on land and over water, IndiGo offers that memorable way to do something fun with out of town guests or just enjoy some corners of our own community that you haven’t explored yet.

Then, we throw back to one of our past shows, Sycamore Land Trust which offers a ton of great locations to do your scavenger hunting…. we mean bird watching, including a great evening excursion to our favorite Bean Blossom Bottoms to look for owls with our guest! And in our REAL-List segment, Deb takes us back to the basics, sharing with us the first things a buyer needs to do when they decide to buy a home.

REAL Real Estate Today Episode #46

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