At Home in Bloomington with Realtor Deb Tomaro

October 16, 2019

Deb Tomaro - REAL Real Estate Today - At Home in Bloomington - Episode 43 - WFHB

What exemplifies the word “community” more than a volunteer run, listener supported radio station whose mission is to provide an open forum for the exchange of ideas and issues, and to celebrate and increase the local cultural diversity? We can’t think of anything better than WFHB! Discussions for a community radio station started in 1975 and aired 18 years later, with the Herman Wells’ gong being the first broadcast sound. (Because doesn’t every university president need a gong to preside with? We think so.) Today, WFHB is run by over 100 volunteers who do everything from write the daily local news to host shows like Saturday’s Child, the station’s longest running program. This weekly performance is broadcast live from the Monroe County History Center and is free to attend (with free coffee and bagels!!). Saturday’s Child is just one of many shows you can hear on WFHB. Join us as we talk with Emily Jackson (better known as DJ EJ) about Bloomington’s own volunteer powered, listener supported, community radio station, WFHB!

Also, we throw back to At Home in Bloomington Episode 41 (not too far of a throw), when we spoke with Michael White of Community Access Television Services, or CATS. Another community station, in the television world, they are also great partners with WFHB in providing local information like no one else in the community. And in our REAL-List segment, Deb gives us a pep talk and helpful advice on what to do if you get turned down for a mortgage.

REAL Real Estate Today Episode #42

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Episode 41 CATS

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