At Home in Bloomington with Realtor Deb Tomaro

November 13, 2019

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Are you like Deb and get your political aspirations from the movie, “Legally Blonde?” Don’t judge! That movie is chock full of sound advice. From animal rights to Elle Woods telling Congress to “Speak up! Use your voice!” This is YOUR community. There’s a difference between being a part of the community and just living in it. This episode of At Home in Bloomington encourages you to be an active part and a voice in the community, rather than just a bystander. Everyone can be involved. And everyone’s voice deserves to be heard. (Elle Woods said so!) In this episode, we talk with Susan Sandberg, who has served our community as an at-large council member on the Bloomington City Council since 2007. Did you know our city council relies on active, passionate people to let them know what’s important to them? Everything they vote on has a public comment so you can let your voice be heard. And there are tons of vacancies on boards and commissions, just looking for citizens to lend their voice. Learn more about getting involved in local government, whether it’s just attending city council meetings or serving on an advisory committee, on episode 47 of At Home in Bloomington, because, as Elle Woods says, “If we lose our voice…well then this country is in for a really bad haircut.”

Also, we throw back to At Home in Bloomington Episode 15, the Monroe County Extension office. An important resource for making your life better in Monroe County. One of the resources they offer is an educational program called Citizens’ Academy where Monroe County residents can get a behind the scenes look at county government. And it’s free! And in our REAL-List segment, Deb talks about what to expect from your realtor when your home is listed for sale and how the seller plays a vital role in a successful sale.

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