At Home in Bloomington with Realtor Deb Tomaro

January 20, 2020

Deb Tomaro - REAL Real Estate Today - At Home in Bloomington - - Growing Opportunities

Collaboration, cooperation, and innovation. Probably things our world could use more of and that’s why we love this guest so much! Growing Opportunities collaborates with local businesses, cooperates with other non profits and is constantly working on innovative ways to hydroponically grow fresh produce year around. In a parking lot off East 10th Street. There’s a double story here of fresh greens, grown in controlled and chemical free environment where only gloved hands touch the plant from seed to consumer. But there’s also a story of jobs training for clients who want to work and confidence building along the way. Tons of greens being grown in a tiny footprint with a fraction of the soil, water, and resources typically needed? Or building up a enthusiastic, skilled and reliable population of workers that are sorely needed in our area? Which is the bigger story? Trick question. They both are! Listen to our conversation with Errin Logsdon, Program Manager of Growing Opportunities and be inspired!

We also throwback to At Home in Bloomington Episode 18, Goldleaf Hydroponics. They are a huge supporter of Growing Opportunities. Congratulations to them on their new location, too! And in our REAL-List segment, we give you a realistic preview of what life is like as a Realtor, for those aspiring to the profession.

REAL Real Estate Today Episode #79

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Throwback to Episode 18 Goldleaf Hydroponics

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