At Home in Bloomington with Realtor Deb Tomaro

February 26, 2020

Deb Tomaro - REAL Real Estate Today - At Home in Bloomington - Episode 60 - Bloomingfoods

Local. Is it a trendy word or is it truly a vital concept? We’re voting for the vital concept. Local businesses and business people have an intimate knowledge of our community needs. As Liam Neeson would say, “a very particular set of skills” that can only be “acquired over a very long career.” What does that have to do with this episode’s guest? Is it Liam Neeson? Not quite. But we talk with two of the general managers of our local food market juggernaut, Bloomingfoods Co-Op, Dee Bohler and Phil Phillipy, to learn more about the co-op’s 44-year history (“a very long career”). This 44-year longevity has allowed Bloomingfoods to develop their “particular set of skills” that non-local businesses just can’t match, that of keeping their shelves stocked with exactly what Bloomingtonians are looking for. We also chat about the community programs they have in place and what exactly is a co-op. (Hint: You do not have to be a member to shop there. There is no secret password! Bloomingfoods is open to all!)

In our throwback, we revisit Episode 5 of At Home in Bloomington with the Bloomington Salt Cave. Did you know that if you have a Bloomingfoods membership, you can also get a discount at the Salt Cave? And in our REAL-List segment, Never negotiated the purchase of a home before? No worries, we’ve got you covered as Deb shares what items, besides price, can be negotiated in a purchase agreement.

REAL Real Estate Today Episode #44

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