Having pets is wonderful. Having pets is stressful. Having resources to help care for pets helps make more wonderful and less stressful. Check out Bloomington Pet Pals as a valuable resource to your pet care tool box! – Deb

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Bloomington Pet Pals Inc is an award-winning in-home pet sitting service. They come to your home to provide personalized care for your dogs and cats while you are away. In addition to food and fresh water, they provide companionship, exercise, play and the love your pets need while you’re away. If you work long hours or feel guilty about leaving your pets home alone while you are at work or some other activity, Bloomington Pet Pals can stop by to let your pet out and play. Mid-day visits are a great way to let your dog out for a nice walk during the day. Unlike taking them to a daycare facility, you won’t get your car or clothes covered with hair. And if you are running late, your pet won’t be stuck at a kennel overnight. Bloomington Pet Pals is there for you on a regular or occasional basis.

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Bloomington Pet Pals Inc., founded in 2005, is owned and operated by Ann Wesley. Ann is a life-long pet owner and currently lives with two cats, Simba & Willy, and a pit bull named Scout. Since forming the business, she has worked with veterinarians and pet experts to learn about pet behavior, training basics, recognizing potential health risks and other pet care issues. Ann’s business philosophy is that great service is the best thing she can offer. She meets with you and your pets to determine your needs, and tailors her service to your specifications rather than expect your pets to fit a generic plan. Like people, each pet has a distinct personality and enjoys a different life routine. Ann doesn’t believe one size fits all when it comes to pet care.