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I think of Matt and his fanvious app often in the Fall. Many of you know that I am a huge football fan and our big splurge is season tickets to Colts games. You can never find the cotton candy guy when you need him! Bring on Fanvious! Anyone know Jim Irsay? – Deb

Local Entrepreneur Develops Fan Friendly App

No more climbing over other fans. No more missing the big play. Use Fanvious to order snacks and merchandise from your phone and then wait for them to be delivered right to your seat.

bloomington real estate fan app

The halftime buzzer is only a few minutes away from going off. You’re on your feet. The whole stadium is cheering and just when the ball is getting ready to be thrown in, your buddies decide it’s your turn to make a nacho run. Let’s face it, the concession stand line just takes too long. Just when the game is getting good, a snack emergency pops up forcing fans to leave their seats. Instead of missing the big play that changes the course of the game, fans can use Fanvious to get food and merchandise delivered right to their seats. When their buddies decide it’s time for nachos, it’s no big deal. When kids decide it’s time for a new hat or a team bobble-head, there’s no need to miss anything. Fanvious brings snacks, drinks, and merchandise right to the fan’s fingertips.

Matt is in the process of talking with several arenas about implementing the app for their fans. Do you have any connections to help make this happen?

Matt Ruedlinger owns and operates Triple R Marketing and Sales, located in Bloomington, Indiana. Matt has worked with world renowned author Jeffrey Gitomer, and has helped businesses promote their products at events like the ESPY awards. Since 2005 Triple R Marketing and Sales has worked with fortune 500 companies, and has helped many companies increase their online presence through optimization and social media. Matt has been featured on the weekly television program Inside Indiana with the first version of the food and merchandise delivery app.

bloomington real estate - fan app