I love working with The Production House. Small scale or large scale, Wes is great to work with and knows his stuff (and fun fact, we used to work together at Applebee’s a million years ago when we were both in school! Applebuddies for over 20 years!) (Yes, we were really called Applebuddies.) – Deb

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The Production House

With 20 years experience in video production, The Production House is here to help you get the best results for your project. Contact them at 812-325-4175 or .

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The Production House offers a wide range of services for businesses and the general public. In addition to having produced videos all over North America for training and marketing purposes, The Production House also stays close to home, producing videos to commemorate special days like weddings, graduations, 50th Anniversary parties or community event. The Production House also offers services such as transferring your VHS tapes to a digital format. What a great holiday gift to edit together bits and pieces of all of those random VHS tapes as a keepsake? And for small business owners, having video on your website in today’s world is a must. Whether it’s testimonials or product demonstration, The Production House can help make sure you’re competing at the top of your game.

Born in Southern Indiana, Wes Lasher, The owner of The Production House, came to Bloomington in 1990 to pursue a degree in Telecommunications. He graduated in 1995 with a double major in Telecommunications and Theatre and Drama. Having worked at CATS (Formally BCAT) the local public access station from 1991-1996, he learned how to produce a wide range of event video and also edited countless programs for the station. In 1998, Wes finally went out on his own and formed The Production House. His work has been as diverse as marketing for physicians and farm equipment, over 900 ads for local businesses though cable advertising and even some freelance work on America’s Most Wanted! He is the proud father of a really cool 13 year old daughter.