Continuing my obsession with the article from called, “64 numbers every homeowner should know,” I’ve gone through the 64 numbers and pulled out some of my favorites. Of course these are just guidelines, but I think they are a darn good starting place.

real estate agent - Deb Tomaro
  • Robe Hooks in bathrooms should be 60″ off the floor.
  • Towel Bars should be 48″ off the floor.
  • The ideal height of a shower head is 77″-81″. That means the shower head often comes out of the wall above the top of the shower surround. I always encourage my 6 ft+ buyers to get in the shower (clothed, of course) and see if the shower head height works for them!
  • The distance between the bottom of a pendant light and a counter top should be 30″. Ever bopped your head on one of those?
  • Did you know that the ideal distance between the couch and the coffee table is 18″? Go measure yours right now. I’ll wait here.
  • This one is my mother’s pet peeve. She is an artist so she’s got “the eye” (not evil just artistic). From the floor to the center of a piece of art on the wall should be 57″. I purposely hang pictures really high on the wall to drive her batty.
  • A toilet paper holder should be 26″ high and 8″-12″ inches from the rim of the toilet. Don’t the ones that are on the wall in front of you just stress you out?