At Home in Bloomington with Realtor Deb Tomaro

March 25, 2019

Deb Tomaro - REAL Real Estate Today - At Home in Bloomington - Episode 27 - Switchyard Brewing Company

This is episode is epic. Is it because supertaster Deb (see episode 2) becomes a beer drinker or because of the dream our guest made a reality (probably the latter, but still, you should listen to find out)? Seven years of dreaming, persistence against all odds and nine long months of demolition are what brought our guest to realizing his dream of owning and operating his own brewery. For Kurtis Cummings, Founder and President of Switchyard Brewing, he claims his entrepreneurial spirit started back in elementary school when he would collect pebbles from the playground, polish them in his rock tumbler and then resell them to his classmates. Skip to 2012 when Kurtis got his first home brewing kit. It wasn’t long into experimenting that his brewing operation moved into the garage. It was from that garage, that the idea to create something bigger than just a brewery was formed. They wanted to build a business based on principles they found most important, with the core belief that their business be a catalyst for positive change in the community. From their Positive Pints Program to their Public Safety Foundation, they certainly have found a way to make that dream a reality. Their model also includes being environmentally and economically sustainable, which is why you won’t find anything but American made brewing equipment in their brewery. Switchyard offers a place for everyone to enjoy by offering coworking space with lightening fast wi-fi, a delicious array of brews alongside non alcoholic drinks like their own signature blend of Hopscotch Coffee, assorted teas from Cup & Kettle, kombucha and more! The family friendly taproom is able to host events like Parents & Pints where parents can enjoy the company of adults while the kids run wild in the safety of the conference room. Switchyard is also dog friendly, so take your pup out for a pint and see what’s brewing at Switchyard!

In our Facebook Follow segment, check out The Monroe County Library on Facebook. We hosted Erica and Matt, our Friendly Neighborhood Librarians on episode 20 of At Home in Bloomington and learned that you could do something fun every day of the week and twice on most days, hosted by the library, and it’s all completely free. And in our REAL-List segment, real estate “road rage” is real. Home buying and selling can be stressful. Here are some ways to avoid the stress!

REAL Real Estate Today Episode #7

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