Real Estate Agent Bloomington IN - Please Don’t Do This To or In Your Home

Trying to decide what to write this month, I went back though my library of past issues. Sounds more impressive than it is. It’s really just a binder with old issues jammed in it. Anyhow, I couldn’t believe I’d never shared with you my list of weird things I’ve seen in houses, otherwise known as Please Don’t Do This To or In Your Home. Here are the top ones.

  1. Run a gutter through your house. Like inside the house. I’m not saying who bought this house (me) but the previous owners put an addition on the back and instead of moving the gutter, they just closed it in with drywall and left it running. Sigh.
  2. Remove the doors from your master bathroom. I’ve seen this in 3 or 4 houses. It is always perplexing to buyers. I mean, some people are apparently more, ahem, comfortable with their significant other’s presence during certain, ahem, private times, than the rest of us.
  3. Who can forget the Bitchen? This was the combo bathroom/kitchen. Granted it was a kitchenette in a basement area, but still. There was a toilet next to the dish drying rack on the kitchen counter. Ewwwww. I can drum up a pic, if anyone doesn’t believe me.
  4. Store a life size cut out of Justin Bieber in the hall closet. At least move it before you decide to sell your house and have unwitting Realtors and buyers opening doors. I think the next door neighbors heard me scream.