Need a fun way to spend a Friday night? May I recommend a little YouTube? Specifically YouTube videos produced by the Monroe County Auditor’s Office. Okay, maybe this is more of a Tuesday night thing. Soon, you will be receiving your property tax bills in the mail. For most people, property taxes are one of the most confusing things out there. To be a smart homeowner, I think it’s wise to take a little time to educate yourself on them. I’m putting links to the YouTube videos on my Facebook page, so you can find them easily. If you don’t have Facebook (I’m a bit in awe of you), just email me and I’ll send you a link.

Video 1 covers the math behind property taxes and property tax caps.

Video 2 is an in depth explanation of how the Homestead exemption is calculated (I totally learned something watching this!).

Video 3 taught me something new, too. I learned about being able to take a mortgage exemption on a rental property. I just saved $39 by watching this video. This video also covers the over 65 exemption (that’s talking age).

These are actually really entertaining. Well, maybe that’s a little overzealous. They are pretty entertaining, but really useful videos to watch. Well done, Monroe County Auditor!