Real Estate Broker Bloomington IN - Puppies PJ and Oliver

If you are not a pet person, stop right here. You probably shouldn’t read this. I’m giving you fair warning. It’s going to be a little over the top and if you don’t get into pets, you will certainly think I’m a little batty.

Many of you may be aware of my stress and anxiety as I dealt with an aging beloved pet last year. It was a very long year of sleepless nights, wondering if I’m doing the right thing, miracle stem cell therapy (ask me about that), small victories, and grief. Juris seemed ready to get a new pet as soon as he watched the Puppy Bowl during the Superbowl this past February. It took much longer for me. But after pet sitting for a friend this past July, I started to come around. So, this month, I introduce to you PJ (the little one) and Oliver. They are simply to die for. They are brothers, they are snuggly and they are destroying my house as we speak. PJ is tiny and fearless, while Oliver’s nickname will probably end up being Moose. He’s a sweet giant. I am hoping their personalities develop such that I can certify them to be therapy dogs, visiting nursing homes and hospitals.

I saw the peace and joy these pups provide stressed out people the other day when I brought them to the office. I’ve never seen so many smiling Realtors in one place (I’d never seen more than one or two smiling Realtors at a time before). I even saw Realtors with relaxed shoulders (I’d never seen one of those until that day). I met with a client while the puppies were at the office. Every few minutes, I’d see another Realtor pass by my office door, a puppy tucked under their arm, with a look on their face akin to being told they could take the weekend off! I’m so grateful for the joy these two tiny puppies (combined weight 8 pounds) have already brought people. Now, if they’ll just stop eating my area rugs. And my power cords. And my shoes. And my shirt buttons. And sticks. And driveway rocks.